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Gemballa Mistrale

OCD Porsche Specialists feature the Porsche Panamera based Gemballa Mistrale hand built to customer specification in German based Gemballa GmbH workshops - delivered to the UK.

The featured Mistrale was one of the Gemballa vehciles supplied by OCD Porsche Specialists for the Celebration of Style 2014 in Liverpool. The Gemballa vehicles were used throughout the 3 day event by the OCD Team to transport guests Jenny Frost, Kim Cattrall and Rebecca Ferguson to various locations around the city. Director of OCD, Chris Douras acted as Chauffeur - Someone had to do it !

Now - turn up the volume CLICK HERE and listen to the Gemballa Mistrale.

YouTube Video Link Credit to "Shmee150" - follow Shmee150

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