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Conversions - Please Contact Us to discuss your requirements

OCD completion of Porsche Body Conversion to 2014 Cayenne DV6 using only genuine Porsche parts:-


  • Cayenne front bumper conversion

  • Sports Design Kit - Rear Spoiler, Wheel arch extensions

  • NEW Xenon Headlamps with black inlay

  • Paint grille inserts

  • Paint lower valence trims

  • Paint rear valence trims


De-chromed and looking superb.  Conversion starts at £2999 for Cayenne Turbo front bumper - FULL Conversion or PART Conversion Please Contact Us for advice.

Porsche Cayenne Diesel AFTER Turbo Body Conversion

The Porsche Cayenne 958 Diesel comes with it's distinguished squashed front profile that certain customers do not fully enjoy. Since the release of the Cayenne in 2002, the Cayenne Turbo has become incredibly desirable with a sportier front profile.


At OCD Porsche we use all OEM Porsche parts for this turbo-look front bumper conversion, enabling your Cayenne Diesel possess the appearence of a Porsche Cayenne Turbo!


The conversion comes with professional factory-trained fitment, including all the relevant parts. The turbo-look conversion takes a full day to complete so you can walk in the workshop with a Diesel Cayenne and leave with a turbo-look. 

Cayenne Turbo-look Conversion

Porsche Cayenne Diesel

Porsche Cayenne Turbo S

Turbo-look conversions are an absolute must for Cayenne customers and offering that prestige presence of power and beauty is what so many of our customers love. The conversion also serves as a great way to present the car as a far more premium version of the Porsche Cayenne. 


Once the conversion is completed, all the wiring and lighting functions will work as standard with a 12 month warranty offered on the parts as standard from Porsche. 

997 Gen 2 Conversion 

The Porsche 997 Gen 1 is a great example of the beauty of the 911 family and it personifies excellent engineering and drive that creates a vivid and exhilarating experience. However, OCD Porsche strive for perfection and have the expertise and equipment to convert your 997 Gen I into a 997 Gen II.


OCD Porsche can change major aspects of the rear profile. of a 997, offering one of two options. As mentioned above, we can convert your original Gen I to a later version of the 997 (Gen II) and we can also convert any non-turbo 997 to a 997 Turbo. 

Porsche 997 Gen 1 

The Porsche 997 Gen 1 was released for sale in 2004, comprising of a rear profile with a sleek back and large upper lights for the reverse bulbs and indicators.


The 997 is a more conversative Porsche than its successor, with an introverted rear bumper and a bulky rear profile, many customers prefer the sportier and more aggressive aesthetics of the 997 Gen 2.



Porsche 997 Gen 2

OCD Porsche replace the rear bumper as well as the lights and fit them in a seamless transaction, ensuring all fixtures work with OEM quality.


Along with these changes is the internal electronic ammendments and the option to carry out further modifications dependant on your preference. With a wide variety of colour coded options, additonal lights fittings and rear spoiler changes, OCD Porsche can alter the rear profile of your 997 to suit.

Porsche 997 Turbo 

If you are looking to replace your non-turbo profile with a turbo-look, then OCD Porsche can facilitate this with ease. With everything from Turbo spoiler changes, rear bumper and lights to even tailpipe alterations to suit the Turbo look, we can do it.


Many customer want the aesthetic approach the turbo offers but without the costs and often aggressive power the 997 Turbo puts out.


With every one of our conversions we approach each vehicle with precise care and our famous compulsion for perfection.

      0151 6388 911


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