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On Saturday 6th June OCD Porsche celebrated their first year is business at their base in Wallasey with an Open Day.  This was an informal gathering giving customers and OCD Porsche followers an opportunity to meet the team, show their Porsches, view other cars and a chance for an informal chat with other enthusiasts.


It also gave the OCD Team a chance not just to say thank you but an opportunity to ask customers what more they can do for them and also to make them aware that OCD Porsche Specialists are not just a Porsche specialist service centre, they offer so much more.


OCD offer advice on buying or selling your Porsche, Restoration, Modification, New Alloys, Tyres, Body and Trim Wrapping, Radio, Multi-media upgrades, Servicing, Problem Solving - in fact ANYTHING Porsche.


OCD are UK Agents for Gemballa Gmbh and also Magnus Walker Outlaw Fifteen52 Alloys.


If you need advice or help why not contact OCD Porsche Specialists.





OCD Porsche Open Day

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OCD Porsche Specialists OPEN DAY

Saturday (6th June 2015)

Silvers Suspension with 52Outlaw wheels

Uprated Silver's Suspension and 17" 52Outlaw wheel upgrade from a standard Bilstein suspension setup.


For more infomation and prices on Silver's Suspension and 52Outlaw wheels please contact us.

Tim Hanlon 

Porsche 997 Turbo


just wanted to say thanks so much to Chris and Norman for servicing the 997


the skill, professionalism, courtesy and care taken exceeds anything I have experienced at other Porsche specialists and main dealers.


I will recommend your great service to as many people as I can as I know anyone who uses 'OCD' will love the service and friendliness.



Dave Roberts 

Porsche 997 Cabriolet




Most customers come to OCD Porsche Specialists by recommendation. We were delighted when we were asked by Dave for advice on some subtle customisation, upgardes and a service on his newly acquired 997 Cabriolet - Aquired from another OCD customer.


We were even more delighted with his feedback...  Chris Douras, Director



Chris and OCD Porsche


Many thanks for the superb work on my 997 Cab.


When I bought the car I knew it had been looked after and upgraded by Chris at OCD Porsche. I therefore asked Chris to arrange some further upgrades and complete a brake overhaul, oil-air separator replacement (if you see a puff of blue smoke on start up it is probably this), fluid and oil change.





You know you are putting your Porsche into good hands when the wheel hubs are repainted free of charge when the new discs are fitted - just what you would like to see done but forgot to ask for... Chris also arranged for a local specialist to replace the convertible soft top - to red with some matching colour detail on the base of the mirrors.


The car has been returned not only looking 5 years younger, but is driving and stopping beautifully following the service work.


I stress - if you are a little OCD about your Porsche and want it to be looked after by like minded specialists at very reasonable prices - I cannot praise Chris and OCD highly enough.


Thank You OCD Porsche Specialists 


Dave Roberts - London

Porsche 997 Carrera S Cabriolet

OCD Porsche - Well what can I say,


Very rarely will I put pen to paper, but for OCD Porsche it was important to me to write this. After my first major service with OCD, I was pleased with the quality of work and the report I received about my car proved their attention to detail was better than any franchised dealer would have provided, additionally, It feels personal and they really care.


They are meticulous to the point of obsession, Chris's attention to detail is incredible, nothing is too much trouble. When I considered the attention to detail, I felt that the work was very reasonably priced and  I was consulted before any parts were purchased.


I am one very satisfied customer and OCD are all I need for my Porsche. I have, at last, found a specialist that I trust and would have no hesitation in recommending to any Porsche owner.


In 3 words guys you are.... "simply the best" - Good luck OCD Porsche,  you shouldn't need luck, I know you will do well!

Robert Hartford
Porsche 997.2 Carrera S


I called into to OCD Porsche to check the place out as my car needed servicing and a few other things looking at. Professional, knowledgable staff and excellent facilities, very happy with their performance, highly recommended. I will be back for sure.



Darren Lesley

Porsche Cayenne Turbo


The lads are wonderful. Chris didn't just service the car, he went through every detail and gave me a full list of the issues the car had. There was no pressure to get anything further fixed and no scare tactics used. They simply told me this was in need of repair or that was going to go soon and it was up to me what to do. Honest lads and really living up to the name. 

Joanne Cole

Porsche Boxster 987


It's always worrying as a woman coming to a garage and thinking you could easily have a mechanic take advantage of your lack of knowledge. I spoke to Christopher and told him I wanted a major service because my husband said I needed it. After looking at the car, Chris told me that I only needed a minor service as the mileage was minimal and I'd had it serviced last year. It saved a lot of money that was there for the taking and he also cleaned out my air conditioning and changed a rear bulb for nothing. Needless to say, I'll be coming back here as they now have a customer for life!

Francis Blake

Porsche Cayenne


Air Suspension Unit was knackered. Took it to another workshop and they were really unhelpful and rude, the guy on the phone was cryptic about everything! Anyway, spoke to Chris, told me it happens to older Cayennes often and had it fixed in a few hours. No hassle, lovely reception, free coffee and WiFi with no silly price at the end too. Customer gained! Cheers lads.

Anthony Gibson

Porsche 996 Gen 1


Lovely guys, really professional. Came in to have my exhaust replaced and they have their own range, which they fitted and tested in front of me (wanted to see) Love it!!! Such a great noise, a tenth of the price of the OE part and gave me a little extra BHP too, which is awesome.

Joe Cobb

Porsche Cayenne Diesel


Came in for a major service, lovely people here and the nicest workshop I've seen yet. Free tea, biscuits and WiFi which is a big thing for me. Sat in comfort while they did the hard work. Cayenne runs great now. Will be coming again.

      0151 6388 911


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