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OCD Porsche offers a professional car wrapping service in Wallasey, Merseyside.


Car wrapping or Vinyl wrapping is used across the UK for a wide range of purposes. Whether it's protecting your original paintwork, giving your vehcile a whole new look, or trying to restore some vibrancy to your life, OCD Porsche can facilitiate your wrapping needs. It is now possible to change the colour and finish of your vehicle without painting it. We do all forms of wrapping and offer a bespoke wrapping service, not limited to doing the smallest or biggest jobs. So if it's a single panel or an entire vehicle OCD Porsche can wrap it!!!


Using only the best materials supplied by Hexis UK you can literally create any finish you like, from carbon fibre to brushed aluminium – chrome – pearlescent – matte or gloss finishes. Anything is possible.


Apart from the obvious aesthetic improvement and total individuality, the practical benefits should also be noted. Once the wrap is applied the original substrate is protected from stone chips and day to day wear and tear including uv damage. When the vinyl is removed, your original paintwork should be undamaged and looking as good as the day it was covered. 


Every vehicle will be painstakingly cleaned and decontaminated  prior to being wrapped to ensure the original substrate is preserved. We strip the vehicle to avoid unnecessary cutting, enabling a scratch-free finish. 


All materials used are backed by a ten year manufacturer guarantee.

      0151 6388 911


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