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ProCut Skimming

ProCut Skimming Demo on Porsche Boxster courtsey of Wheeler Dealer Ed China on YouTube

OCD Porsche now offer a fantastic brake service that can potentially save you a great deal of money over the years. OCD Porsche use ProCut, the leading brand for brake disc refurbishment. OCD Porsche offer this supplementary service when your brake discs are in need of bedding after a brake pad change, or there are signs of brake vibration due to disc thickness variation (DTV).


Often we find corroded discs or noisy brakes on vehicles that come in to the workshop for servicing or repairs. We offer a brake service that often simply requires each disc to be accurately skimmed rather than purchasing expensive new brake discs and pads.

Brake discs should be re-surfaced when:


  • Brake pads are changed but new discs are not necessary, which happens in at least 50% of brake servicing. There is no bedding in, and your customer has perfect brakes as they leave your workshop.

  • There is evidence of brake vibration due to disc thickness variation (DTV) or excessive run-out. For this problem, using an on-car lathe is the only permanent solution.

  • Discs are corroded. A common problem in northern climates, corrosion can result in poor braking performance or imbalance. Sometimes it is just plain ugly, especially on used cars in the showroom!

  • Brakes are noisy. When new pads are fitted to ‘lipped’ discs, ‘brake squeal’ can result. This can be corrected by skimming the discs to remove lips and give perfectly flat disc surfaces




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