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Detailing at OCD Porsche Specialists

OCD is all about our obsession for cars, this extends to the fine art of car detailing.  Our Swissvax independent detailer (RPM Detailing) is now based at OCD Porsche Specialists and can provide you with the ultimate in car care.  Whether it be a paintwork cleanse or a full paint correction detail, our passion, dedication and desire to exceed expectations will blow you away.

If you are unsure what your car requires please feel free to drop by for a consultation with "Detail Dave".  We will detail any make and model. 



  • Every detail starts with the same thorough wash and decontamination process.



  • Wheels/arches sprayed with a gentle but effective cleaner, agitated front to back with various soft brushes and rinsed.

  • Engine bay cleaned and degreased.

  • Snowfoam prewash applied left to dwell and rinsed to remove loose dirt.

  • 2 bucket wash procedure using ph neutral shampoo's, deep pile wash mitts, rinsed and dried with ultra soft drying towels.


This involves the removal of tar spots, tree sap, iron fillings etc....
This is achieved through using tar removers, ph neutral iron removers and fine detailing clay.

After these stages it is then onto the polishing...

OCD Boxter Detail 2.jpg
OCD Boxter Detail 1.jpg
OCD Boxter Detail 5.jpg
OCD Boxter Detail 4.jpg
OCD Boxter Detail 3.jpg
OCD Boxter Detail 7.jpg
OCD Boxter Detail 6.jpg

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