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based on the Porsche 958 Cayenne 

Nature’s way: even as nature evolves its creations step by step, GEMBALLA develops its ideas over time. This evolutionary process principle has brought their AERO I kit for the Porsche Cayenne (958) to a state of perfection, increasing its physical presence and enhancing its mechanics.


For maximum flexibility, GEMBALLA offers a standard system that enables customers to select the powerful AERO I carbon-fibre elements from a menu, adding to them at can. The icing on the cake is that the matching 22-inch alloy wheel set. The AERO I underlines GEMBALLA’s commitment to the Porsche Cayenne because the final driving machine in its category.

The Porsche Cayenne (958) may be a prestigious and sporting SUV that feels the maximum amount reception in an exceedingly prestigious looking district because it will turn heads at 5 star hotels and exclusive golf clubs.


This journey begins with the AERO I kit, with a front spoiler lip, facet skirts and rear cornice made up of high-quality carbon-fibre, improve the Cayenne’s mechanics, making a sleeker and a lot of ground kissing look. 


With the bottom automobile digitally dimensioned as a primary step throughout the event method, all the assembly AERO one elements work simply. Significantly, the conversion can be simply reversed once the automobile is sold . From an aesthetic perspective, the GEMBALLA 22-inch wheels  compliment the whole Aero I package.

Suspension & Brakes

Power is nothing without control. GEMBALLA offers uprated spring and damper units for steel sprung cars, or a code upgrade for vehicles with the selective air suspension.


As an everyday SUV, the Cayenne should retain a decent balance between comfort and sportiness, that the standardisation of the suspension is vital. GEMBALLA’s engineers aimed for dynamic refinement whereas holding most ride comfort with their larger wheels. 


For Cayenne models with air suspension, GEMBALLA offers an electronic lowering module that reduces static ride height by up to 40mm, delivering a lower and a lot of purposeful stance. Due to the size and style of its wheels steering has an immediate effect on the perceived overall proportions of a vehicle, GEMBALLA considers 22-inches to be the aesthetic optimum for the Cayenne. Thus, 3 styles - GT-Sport, GT-Sport R, and GT-Forged are the available options.


Thanks to its slim spoke style, the GT-Sport wheel is comparatively light-weight for a solid wheel, whereas the multi-piece sort of its GT-Sport R spin-off sends a lot of sporting message. 


The jewel within the crown is that the ultra-light GEMBALLA GT-Forged wheel. This elegant 5 twin-spoke solid alloy wheel weighs even but the plant 20-inch wheel, sets a replacement category benchmark for light-weight and robust alloy wheels. Of these open-spoke wheels, many cooling air to succeed in the facultative GEMBALLA huge brake kit, that they therefore superbly showcase. together developed with brake partner, Brembo, the huge cross-drilled and grooved 411mm and 380mm diameter ventilated front and rear discs square measure clamped by six and four-piston calipers severally.


Each of those calipers is processed from a solid alloy billet, F1 style, and weighs around 3 kg, but half its OE equivalent. A supplementary ram air ventilation more enhances brake cooling.

Engine & Exhausts

The heart of any car is its engine, and GEMBALLA injects its own brand of passion here, unlocking even more power and response from the best engine in its class. The GEMBALLA power upgrade for the Cayenne Turbo motor offers 550 hp (404 kW) and 850 Nm from a cost effective conversion that comes with full German TUV approval. The intrinsic deep growl of the V8 motor is enhanced by the EU-approved, stainless steel cat-back sports exhaust for all petrol-engined Cayenne models.

As even the basic Cayenne has a dual nature to its personality, the four-outlet GEMBALLA sports exhaust has a valve system that allows you to exploit its refined nature in town, unleashing its extrovert full-on soundtrack on the open road at the touch of a button.Depending on the engine variant, the lower backpressure of this exhaust, which was developed on the test bench, and in extensive road and track testing, releases up to 10 extra horsepower (7.35 kW). If you are of a more extrovert nature, GEMBALLA also offers a six exhaust pipe variant, featuring three pipes grouped within a single angular outlet per side. Machined from a solid billet, these outlets come in a ‘BLACK MAGIC’ finish.

Valve Open - Gemballa Exhaust Start & Rev
Valve Open - Gemballa Exhaust Start & Full Power
Valve Closed - Gemballa Exhaust Start & Rev
Valve Closed - Gemballa Exhaust Start & Full Power


GEMBALLA originally started with bespoke interiors, so it is natural for one of its cars to feature personal accents from the wide range of off-the-peg leather and Alcantara colours on offer. For those with one-off requests, the highest quality leather, and plain or patterned fabrics in specially dyed colours, can be combined to create a statement of automotive haute couture. Trim inserts in aluminum, stainless steel, carbon-fibre, wood, or even real diamonds add to a sporty or elegant theme, while even the smallest switch and panel can be colour-coded. Hi-Fi connoisseurs and tech junkies are welcome to bring their ideas to GEMBALLA. From an integrated champagne fridge to a sophisticated entertainment center with surround sound, your dream can be transformed into reality here, with the experience and inventiveness of GEMBALLA’s master craftsmen ensuring a perfect finish.


Explore the range of modification options you can select with your Porsche Cayenne. We boast a vast array of unique selections for interior individualisation as well as a catalogue of parts for performance enhancment with sport exhaust units, power kits, suspension, brakes and much more.


This brochure includes both Aero Kit I & II for the Porsche Cayenne.


We also provide the finest exterior modification options available for several modern Porsche models, with stunning design and extensive aerodynamic testing, GEMBALLA provide only the best in body modification.


This GEMBALLA brochure is a downloadable pdf, allowing you to browse at leisure and fully understand the quality GEMBALLA strive towards in order to chase perfection.  

      0151 6388 911


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