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based on the Porsche 970 Panamera 

The Porsche Panamera is the only dedicated sports saloon in a class of it's own. Yet, as focused as it is, the Panamera does not sacrifice interior space or comfort. Consider it instead as a spacious, comfortable four-door GT. The GTP focuses on increasing performance of the Panamera. This is not a visual modification package. The GTP 700 increases the power of the Panamera from 500bhp to 700bhp, increasing it's accelraton to 60mph in 3.2 seconds.


In the variant of the GTP 700, this GEMBALLA doesn't have mechanical modifications to the standard Porsche. However, the GEMBALLA MISTRALE - based on the Porsche Panamera - is given an elaborate aeromechanics package manufactured from extremely stable carbon fiber-reinforced plastic moreover like individual solutions for its interior style — created in line with the foremost discerning standards of expertise. As an engineering feat - the GTP 700 is ready to achieve monumental speed. Take a glance at the newspaper articleregarding the highspeed test that took place at Nardò and see how briskly the GEMBALLA went.

Suspension & Brakes

In the method of sharpening the GTP’s claws, GEMBALLA’s engineers were mindful to not erode the temperature that is produced in this car, making it such an honest cross-continental rocket. The developmental work quickly established that the quality chassis with its up-to-date twin chamber air-suspension and rear-biased all-wheel-drive power distribution was capable of managing the 700bhp output of the GTP engine conversion. collectively developed with brake partner, Brembo, the large cross-drilled and grooved 411mm and 380mm diameter ventilated front and rear discs square measure clamped by six and four-piston calipers severally. Every single caliper is processed from a solid alloy billet, F1 style, and weighs around three kilos, over half its OE equivalent. A supplementary air mechanical system additionally enhances brake cooling. This places additional rubber on the road whereas up the vehicle's aesthetic attractiveness was the desired route. Designing it with no increase in unsprung weight was a very important a part of GEMBALLA’s light-weight philosophy. The key to this is GEMBALLA’s 22-inch diameter, ultra-light GT Sport solid alloy wheels. deliberation but the manufacturing plant 20-inch wheels, these huge wheels build the automobile look even higher proportioned. 

Engine & Exhausts

The Porsche Panamera Turbo packs a cool 500hp as standard, whereas the S version boasts a supercar killing 570 H.P. The Porsche Panamera provides an ideal base for the 3 GEMBALLA GTP power upgrades. The entry-level modification for the Turbo may be a price effective software package upgrade that will increase performance to 550 H.P, whereas Stage two for each of the models consists of some of latest and changed mechanical elements at the side of an EU remap that takes power to a large 615 H.P. Power junkies that never wish to be overtaken by anything short of a Bugatti Veyron can love the Stage three conversion. The third stage uses a combination of customized turbochargers, increased intercoolers and a raft of different mechanical upgrades to form 700 H.P. with a torsion of 955 Nm (electronically limited). This puts the GTP’s performance on tier that the majority supercars will solely dream of. Even big league supercars just like the Ferrari Enzo have to be compelled to work terribly onerous to stay up with the GTP700, that rockets to a hundred km/h in only three.3 seconds, hits two hundred km/h in 9.6 seconds and three hundred metric linear unit /h in twenty six and a half seconds, topping out at 338.8 km/h. And these aren\'t theoretic numbers. The GEMBALLA GTP700 was formally and severally clocked at 338.8km/h (View our News section) by the workers of the common nardoo Technical Centre, in conjunction with motorcar Bild Sportscars magazine. Any GTP variant, or perhaps a typical Panamera Turbo, edges from the GEMBALLA sports exhaust, that lowers backpressure for a lot of power, and conjointly appearance sensible with its massive, polished tailpipes. A bypass valve system keeps the decibels right down to a restrained V8 guggle around city. once you reach the open road, you\'ll unleash its full voice at the bit of a button.


Elegant luxury or sporty luxury? This is the only question you need to ask when choosing the leather and fabric for the GTP’s upholstery and the wood, carbon-fibre or aluminium for its trim inserts. GEMBALLA’s experienced interior specialists can help you choose from a wide range of options, or you can sit down with them and create an entirely bespoke one-off interior together. This is automotive haute couture tailoring at its best.

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