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OUTLAW 52 Alloys by Magnus Walker and Fifteen52

OCD Porsche Specialists are committed to delivering affordable solutions for maintaining, modifying and repairing all Porsche models. 


In conjunction with Modified Porsche Register we are also able to supply Magnus Walkers Outlaw52 Alloys designed and manufactured by Fifteen52 and Magnus Walker.


We will fit your New Alloys or we can supply with or without tyres along with UK delivery. New wheels are a brilliant upgrade, we would love you to contact us so that we can advise on suitability for your Porsche.



New, but iconic…familiar, but brash; the Outlaw 001 is designed to stir each of those thoughts and more.


Clearly based upon one of the most timeless and classic automotive wheel designs of all time, the Outlaw 001 takes the inspiration to a higher level. Unlike so many replica designs currently on the market, our design also adds functional and aesthetic enhancements. More openings to the face of the wheel allow more avenues for brake heat to escape, and for those that are concerned about such things, those same extra openings serve to help show off upgraded rotors and calipers.





Custom built from forged 6061 billet aluminum centers and forged 6061 spun barrels, the 2-piece Outlaw 001 is as light as it is strong. We’re proud to say that from design to engineering to manufacturing to assembly, the Outlaw 001 is 100% American made. Available in diameters of 15″ to 18″, and a huge variety of widths and offsets, the 2-piece Outlaw 001 is ideally suited to work with 911 cars of almost any year and body style.

ENQUIRE ABOUT Outlaw Fifteen52 Alloys


In order for us to give you a quote for the Alloys and Tyres that will best suit your Porsche we need to know the exact Model that you have, we also need to know if car is to the original specification or if you have modified the car in anyway that will effect the Alloys and Tyres that we recommend.


We can also supply winter tyres for your existing Alloys - Please ask for a quote.


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