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based on the McLaren 12C 

The 625hp McLaren 12C is an engineering tour de force that uses cutting edge lightweight technology to achieve its towering performance. It is a fascinating technical recipe that GEMBALLA appreciated enough to adopt the British supercar brand into its bespoke tuning portfolio alongside Porsche. The clear aim of the GEMBALLA GT interpretation of the McLaren 12C is not just an adrenaline-laden drive, but also looks to die for.


With its towering abilities well proven in independent testing by the media, the McLaren 12C Spider is a top-notch supercar out of the box. The GEMBALLA GT SPIDER version takes both its eye appeal and aerodynamics to the next level. Out of the box, the 12C’s real world performance is helped by its relatively low kerb weight of 1,434kg.


Thanks to its carbon-fibre centre tub, and aluminium and SMC plastic body panels, the 12C Spider has a spectacular power-to-weight ratio of 435 hp/tonne. GEMBALLA’s engineers were thus under strict orders not to add a single gram to the cars weight, and the ultra light, carbon-fibre components are direct replacements. Conferring a subtle but noticeable extra sense of purpose, the aero kit also improves engine cooling and high-speed stability.


Starting at the sharp end, the all-carbon-fibre GEMBALLA GT SPIDER aerodynamic package includes a new front bumper/spoiler with larger intakes and side skirts.  The revised rear panel radically changes the look of the car’s tail, with the matt black centre section visually linking the area around the lights with the bespoke exhaust outlets and under-body diffuser.

Suspension & Brakes

Designed with low mass and high strength as its battle hymn, the McLaren 12C’s dynamics depend not only on low overall weight, but also low unsprung weight. This meshes perfectly with the GEMBALLA GT Spider concept in which the GForged-one forged alloy wheel is a linchpin. Despite being an inch larger in diameter than the originals, these ultra-light 20 and 21-inch diameter alloy wheels for the front and rear of the 12C Spider, ensure that the unsprung weight is unchanged.


The GForged-one wheels come in ‘Black Magic’ or ‘Gunmetal’, with the option of a glossy turned ‘diamond cut’ finish for their spokes. Bespoke paint colours are available to order.

Engine & Exhausts

Despite its impressive output of 625 hp/460 kW, McLaren 12C Spider's twin-turbo V8 motor is also very clean, and no comparably powerful internal combustion engine emits less CO2. After extensive testing with GEMBALLA’s lightweight forged wheels and aero parts, it was deemed that as the 12C Spider's resulting overall balance was so sweet, no power upgrade was necessary


GEMBALLA originally started with bespoke interiors, so it is natural for one of its cars to feature personal accents from the wide range of off-the-peg leather and Alcantara colours on offer. For those with one-off requests, the highest quality leather, and plain or patterned fabrics in specially dyed colours, can be combined to create a statement of automotive haute couture. Trim inserts in aluminum, stainless steel, carbon-fibre, wood, or even real diamonds add to a sporty or elegant theme, while even the smallest switch and panel can be colour-coded. Hi-Fi connoisseurs and tech junkies are welcome to bring their ideas to GEMBALLA. From an integrated champagne fridge to a sophisticated entertainment center with surround sound, your dream can be transformed into reality here, with the experience and inventiveness of GEMBALLA’s master craftsmen ensuring a perfect finish every time.


Explore the range of modification options you can select with your McLaren We boast a vast array of unique selections for interior individualisation as well as a catalogue of parts for performance enhancment with sport exhaust units, power kits, suspension, brakes and much more.


We also provide the finest exterior modification options available for several modern McLaren models, with stunning design and extensive aerodynamic testing, GEMBALLA provide only the best in body modification.


This GEMBALLA brochure is a downloadable pdf, allowing you to browse at leisure and fully understand the quality GEMBALLA strive towards in order to chase perfection.  

      0151 6388 911


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