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10 Fun Facts About Porsche

Fact 1

The Lohner-Porsche Elektromobil that debuted in 1898 was the first car in the entire world to have brakes on all its four wheels.

Fact 2

Archduke Franz Ferdinand was chauffeured by Prof Ferdinand Porsche in 1902 in a Lohner-Porsche.

Fact 3

It was in the late 1950’s that max Hoffman the U.S importer who had a showroom in New York City, put the first Porches on display.

Fact 4

The Porsche 356 was test-driven along Park Avenue by Hoffman. To date, this accomplishment is an unrivalled one.

Fact 5

John von Neumann the Hollywood dealer wanted to race a Porsche in 1952 and ended up ordering a 356 without upholstery or paint and modified it himself.

Fact 6

In 1952 the Porsche crest/logo was designed on the napkin that Dr. Ferry Porsche was using as he dined at a New York restaurant with Max Hoffman.

Fact 7

The original 356 Speedster did not come equipped with padded seats, a tachometer, heaters or visors as a standard feature.

Fact 8

The snappy Porsche Roadster was the first Porsche racing car to appear in 1954 at the New York Auto Show.

Fact 9

Washington D.C was the place where the Inaugural Porsche Parade was held on August 29, 1956.

Fact 10

The first single seat Porsche racing car was driven by Jean Behra at Rheims, France in a Formula 2 race in 1958.

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